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Spartanburg, South Carolina Club Information

Instructors: Michael Mallen - Sandan

Location: USCS-Upstate
Telephone: 864-579-3733

Class Schedule:

    Classes held at USC-Upstate in the Wellness Center.

    Click here for days and times.

    If interested please contact Michael Mallen or the webmaster using the links at the bottom of the page

    or Glen Batista at gbatista@uscupstate.edu or by phone 864-503-5069.

Michael Mallen Sensei - Having suffered the abuse of friend (and eventually instructor) Simon Oliver for the best part of year as he demonstrated why Jitsu was so good, Mike began his training in Jiu Jitsu in 1987 at the Huddersfield Polytechnic club. He soon developed a keen interest in Jiu Jitsu and, following his move to the USA as a brown belt in 1994, he established the Spartanburg Jiu Jitsu Club at the local YMCA. 15 years later the club has grown and is still on the look out for new members. Beginners are always welcome!


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