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What is Jitsu?

Jitsu is derived from Jiu Jitsu meaning "yielding" or "gentle" "art". Our style of Jitsu is based on a variety of throwing, locking, striking, grappling and weapon defense techniques.

Our method of teaching is based on transitional flow. Students are taught that there is no one correct technique to control an aggressor, Defense is based initially on avoidance followed by warning and finally full application of a technique or series of techniques in order to neutralize the situation.

Jitsu, however, is more than just a combination of techniques. It is also a way of life, the skills that are taught and learnt in the class can be applied in all areas of your life. Improvements in health, confidence and self-discipline, humility and concentration all benefit the students as they progress through their lifes.

The school environment promotes all of these positive items and is also a place of friendship. Training develops deep bonds between students and this is encouraged with frequent social events organized by each of the schools.

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